- Expert Photoshop skills
- Excellent perspective, composition and draftsman skills

- Excellent painting, texturing, and concept art skills

- Amazing time management to ensure all benchmarks are hit on time
- Ability to draw and paint in a variety of styles to match the project I am working on
- Knowledge of lighting and color

- Classical training in animation, drafting, painting, and design

- Thorough knowledge of the human anatomy

- Experienced in 3DS Max, Flash, Toonboom, ZBrush, Unreal Editor, Mocha, Sketchbook Pro

- Highly motivated, accurate, efficient, and a fast learner

- Ability to problem solve and adapt to any situation

Work Experience

Current Job position- Layout Supervisor

- Break down episodes and allot BG's to all scenes as needed

- Tackle minor revisions to keep the team moving forward

- Give revisions as needed

- Ensure the quality and style of the show is consistent with

clients vision

- Create key BG's to give to paint prior to episode launch for client color notes

- Handle re shoots and interstitials

Layout Artist/BG Painter at Brown Bag Films, formerly 9 Story Media Group
- Using Flash and Photoshop to create layouts for animation
- Follow storyboards and ensure files are layered properly to allow for animation  
- Ensure there is enough art to cover all shots in each specific layout
- Place field guides according to the storyboard
- Create new art in a fashion that can be easily re-usable in future episodes
- Follow lead and director notes and make changes accordingly
- Follow show specific style guidelines to match art to style
-Creating Layouts based on storyboards and following through to final painted assets
2015 - Junior Stereo Artist at Legend 3D
- Follow in house pipepline for assigned tasks using in house proprietary software
- Take feedback from directors and adjust work according to feedback
- Manage my time to ensure all shots are finished by the due date
- Learn a variety of proprietary and non proprietary softwares to adapt to workflow outlined by Legend 3D 

2014 - Illustrator for upcoming RPG Grimmgard

- Creating illustrations visualizing the characters, feel and mood of the game
- Taking feedback to ensure images visualize creator's ideal look for the game

2014 - Layout Artist, Storyboard Artist, Scene set up, Animator and BG Artist for Depth of Creative Xia Men, Fu Jian China
- Responsible for interpreting scripts into storyboards and leica reels
- Responsible for creating layouts and scene set up
- Responsible for animation
- Responsible for creating BG's and assets for mobile games

2013 - A Venture Capital Mobile Game Intern

- Concept artist for the project

- Responsible for creating concepts for Characters, Environments, and Props

- Character/environment modeler and texture artist

- Responsible for overseeing all models and UV layouts and making sure both are optimized for performance

-Level Design

-Responsible for creating level maps,modularity, objectives and run time poly counts

2013 – Bloodrealm online trading card game

- Freelanced illustrations to be used in game

2012 - Caricature Artist for Samsung mobile

- Responsible for campaign materials

- Drawing caricatures on the spot with the Samsung Galaxy Note phone

2011 - Santa Claus Parade Artist

- Sculpting, Painting and building floats for the Toronto Santa Claus Parade

2010-2011 - Figure Drawing Teacher's Assistant Seneca college under Werner Zimmermann

- Running class in professor's absence

- Tutoring students in private or group settings/ reviewing student work

- Attending to students for guidance in anatomical figure drawing

2010- Kiddo Magazine

- Illustration published summer 2010 issue Vol. 4 issue 14

2008-2010 - Lead Artist Kaman's Art Shoppes

- Dealing with customers and drawing caricatures

- Training new artists